Colleen Ryan
ESL Teacher

Native language: English - Australian
Currently living in: Australia

  Let me tell you about myself.

My educational qualifications include a Master of Education (TESOL), together with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology). In addition I am currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Counselling. In early 2005 I returned from South Korea after completing a two year contract teaching English to and assisting with counseling for senior high school students.

Prior to going to Korea I worked as an Educational Officer and was responsible for the research, development and deliverance of a new form of community educational program.

I possess good verbal and written communication skills that during my employment have been used extensively. My previous experience has given me the confidence to cope with a range of situations and to communicate effectively and efficiently with many people. My work performance has always displayed a high degree of commitment and enthusiasm in all tasks that are required of me.

Available for employment.

  • Full-time
  • Location: Korea, Japan
  • ESL Job Interests: University, Business, One-on-one
Please contact me for more information.